Women's Budget 2018-19 Snapshot

Women's Budget 2018-19 Snapshot

Office for Women Grants and Funding
Tuesday, 08 May 2018

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

The 2018-19 budget & Australian women

Budget 2018-19 provides funding for a range of new measures designed to make a positive difference to the lives of Australian women.

The Budget will support women to share the benefits of paid work and expand their skills to take advantage of new and diverse employment opportunities being created every day, preparing women for jobs of the 21st Century.

The Budget also contains initiatives to help women build a nest egg for retirement, including by protecting modest superannuation balances from excessive fees and from erosion through inappropriate insurance arrangements.

Women’s safety continues to be a high priority in this Budget, with new funding for crucial frontline services for women affected by violence and initiatives to be run by the eSafety Commissioner to ensure women are safe online.

Budget 2018-19 recognises that women have specific health needs at different stages of their lives, and provides funding for healthcare that supports women — from birth to childhood and adolescence, adulthood, pregnancy and ageing.

The focus of Budget 2018-19 on women’s economic empowerment, safety and health and wellbeing will support women to continue to make impressive strides — and an even greater contribution — to Australia in the years ahead.

Further information is available on the Budget 2018-19 website.

Minister for Women the Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP Media Release: Women's Budget 2018-19 snapshot

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