Australian national symbols

Australia’s national symbols provide a shorthand way of representing Australia to the world.

Our symbols represent what is unique about the nation and reflect different aspects of our cultural life and history. The story of Australia's symbols is rich and colourful and fosters unity within Australian society.

Australia's national symbols that have been officially chosen (via vote, legislation or proclamation) to represent Australia and its states and territories include:

  • the Australian National Flag
  • the Commonwealth Coat of Arms
  • our floral emblem, the golden wattle
  • the celebratory national colours of green and gold
  • our vibrant gemstone, the Australian opal
  • the Australian National Anthem.

Australian Symbols booklet

The Australian Symbols booklet is an educational resource and a source of general information which presents the official symbols and emblems of the Commonwealth, states and territories of Australia.

Children's resources

The Symbols of Australia website is an interactive learning module that supports teachers, students and families to educate young Australians about the history and importance of Australia's national symbols. The website hosts student worksheets, interactive games, teacher lesson guides, and at-home parents and caregiver guides.

Australia's national symbols posters

These are a series of educational posters about Australia's six national symbols. They highlight the symbols' history and importance.

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A boost in national symbols resources
Australian National symbols

A boost in national symbols resources


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Australian National symbols

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