What we do

We work across government on a range of projects, policies and advice – find out what we’re currently focused on and track our progress.

We provide clear and persuasive advice to the government on how it might best tackle the significant issues facing Australia. Our priorities include:

  • supporting the Prime Minister in his role as head of the Australian Government and the Cabinet and supporting our portfolio ministers
  • providing advice on how to make Australia more prosperous and successful and how to improve its security on a global scale
  • working with the Australian Public Service Commission and all Australian Government agencies, to build a more inclusive and diverse public service.

We create and coordinate policy solutions to Australia's key economic, social and environmental issues.

We encourage consistency across government and coordinate public ceremonies and national honours.

We provide policy advice to the Prime Minister on the operation of the Australian honours system and on the correct use of the Australian national symbols.

We advise the Prime Minister and Cabinet on issues that relate to the safety and security of all Australians.

The government is committed to advancing gender equality as a national priority.

BETA's mission is to advance the wellbeing of Australians through the application and rigorous evaluation of behavioural insights to public policy and administration.

Impact analysis helps policymakers consider how proposals affect businesses, individuals and community organisations, as well as broader economic and other impacts.

Australia's federal relations architecture.

Working together to deliver the NDIS.

The Parliamentary Workplace Support Service supports people affected by serious incidents or misconduct in the parliamentary workplace.