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On 1 May, 2018, the Australian Government published their response to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Data Availability and Use, agreeing to the majority of the reforms that were proposed. The Inquiry found that there are more than 500 different secrecy and privacy rules and regulations in place across our agencies. Having such a complex web of regulation was detrimental to government use of data because it was locking away valuable information that will help to drive innovation and growth.  

To reduce the barriers to use and re-use of public data, over the next 4 years the Government will invest $65 million, to support new reforms including;

  • Establishing a National Data Commissioner to implement and oversee a simpler, more efficient data sharing and release framework.
  • Introducing a Consumer Data Right (CDR) to allow consumers to share their transaction, usage and product data with service competitors and comparison services.
  • Introducing legislation to improve the sharing, use and reuse of public sector data while maintaining the strong security and privacy protections the community expects.
  • A new National Data Advisory Council to advise the National Data Commissioner on ethical data use, technical best practice, and industry and international developments.

These reforms recognise that data is a vital national resource and they will allow Government to harness data to deliver better services for citizens and develop more informed and targeted policies.

Further information about the reforms can be found on the Data Availability and Use website.

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