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We help to build the financial capability of women to ensure greater economic security for both women and their families, now and into the future. Greater financial capability, including financial literacy, has a direct link with boosting women’s economic participation, including building women’s retirement incomes and savings.

Financial capability is critical for women who have experienced violent relationships to remain safe and rebuild their lives.

The Women’s Money Toolkit is a free online resource providing practical tools for women to better manage their everyday finances and prepare for retirement. The toolkit was developed in partnership with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, who provide a number of other financial literacy tools on their Money Smart website. ASIC’s MoneySmart initiative also outlines some unique challenges women face when trying to maintain their financial security, as outlined in their infographics.

Facts about unique challenges faced by women infographics:

  • ‘Managing the family budget’—almost half of women are employed part time, compared to one in six men.
  • ‘Take control of your money’—making financial goals public helps you to commit to achieving them.
  • ‘Baby steps towards financial security’—having a baby can have significant financial impacts: a first baby can cost up to $13, 000 in the first year.
  • ‘Get your super on track’—women on average have significantly less superannuation at retirement than men.
  • ‘Staying financially afloat during life’s ups and downs’—caring responsibilities can stretch the budget.

Visit ASIC’s MoneySmart toolkit for more information.

A graphic diagram titled Women & Money with tips for financial security.A graphic diagram titled Women & Money with tips for financial security. More information is available on the money smart website.

In partnership with Good Shepherd Microfinance the Government has launched online training to help financial counsellors to identify financial abuse and assist victims of abuse to access support.

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