Women's Economic Security Statement - Press Club Address

Women's Economic Security Statement - Press Club Address

Office for Women Economic Security
Monday, 19 November 2018

Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet


There have been significant improvements in the lives of Australian women in recent decades: whether it is improvements in the services and interventions to keep women safe from violence; the freedom that technology has brought; the expectation that girls and boys deserve the same educational opportunities; and the increasing engagement of women in the paid workforce to name just a few – each of these steps on the journey are because of a conviction that women deserve the same opportunities as men to live their very best lives.

Women, however, continue to trail men in three key measures of economic security: participation in the workforce, pay and superannuation.

A priority for the Australian Government is to create the right economic settings for women to help them participate in work, increase their economic security and give them meaningful choices about their lives.

On Tuesday 20 November, the Minister for Women, the Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP, delivered the first Women’s Economic Security Statement at the National Press Club. The Minister’s Address will be televised on ABC News from 12:30pm.