Technology supports people to stay on country

Technology supports people to stay on country

Indigenous Affairs Economic Development Indigenous Procurement Policy
Monday, 18 December 2017

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Peter Renehan, Centre for Appropriate Technology Ltd Chairman tests the Mobile Phone Hotspot technology

Established in 1980, the Centre for Appropriate Technology Ltd (the Centre) develops solutions to solve the challenges of regional and remote living. This ingenuity is being applied to government contracts won by the Centre through the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP).

“The Centre for Appropriate Technology was set up to assist and enable people to live on country comfortably,” Chairman, Peter Renehan explains. Technologies developed by the Centre include a system to extend mobile phone signals, off-grid power and water systems, and registered training for people living in remote areas.

As well as benefitting people living in remote Australian communities, technology developed by the Centre may also be suitable to help people living in similarly remote communities around the world.

“The impact of the Indigenous Procurement Policy on the Centre for Appropriate Technology Ltd has been quite significant. We are increasingly seeing that some of those technological solutions that we’ve been developing for people who are living in remote Australia also have very significant potential to assist people living overseas,” Centre for Appropriate Technology Ltd CEO, Dr Steve Rogers said.

In the first two years of the policy, the Centre has won 6 contracts under the IPP, valued at $1,115,509.

For further details on the Indigenous Procurement Policy, please visit the PM&C website