Who We Are

We're the team that supports the Prime Minister, Cabinet, Portfolio Ministers and Assistant Ministers.

Our focus

Our role is to provide fresh thinking and creative advice to government. We contribute ideas on the many and varied issues facing Australia, taking into consideration the views and opinions of a range of stakeholders across the private, public, not-for-profit and community sectors.

The PM&C team provides pragmatic advice and finds solutions to problems so that Government policies can be effectively designed and implemented. We give particular weight to issues that are important to the Prime Minister.

Our focus, put in its simplest terms, is to find new ways to improve the lives of all Australians.

How we work

The conditions under which Government operate are constantly changing in response to a variety of national and global challenges. No day is the same.

It’s our responsibility to stay informed on these issues. This lets us provide considered advice to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, Portfolio Ministers and Assistant Ministers.

PM&C plays three key roles to help ensure the Australian Government functions at its best.

  • We coordinate government-wide policy and ensure its implementation.
  • We work with the Australian Public Service Commission to create a productive public sector.
  • We consult across government, private enterprise, the not-for-profit sector and the community.

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Our culture

We enjoy robust debate. We value people who have unique ideas and are not afraid to argue their position.

At the same time, collaboration is key. We promote a culture that respects the opinions of others and we encourage team members to achieve results with humility.

Of course, integrity is also important. PM&C expects and rewards excellence in everything we do.

The Department is committed to what’s best for Australia. Our roles come with great responsibility—we have the daily opportunity to make a difference and we take this opportunity seriously.

Our responsibilities

At PM&C, we may be called upon at any time to contribute to discussion on all manner of topics.

The Department is active in a host of areas.

  • We support the Prime Minister, as the head of the Australian Government, and work to support the activities of the Cabinet.
  • We provide advice on the Government’s domestic and foreign policies.
  • We oversee national security matters and administer national taskforces.
  • We work across a variety of portfolios to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians.
  • We promote gender equity, including in government operations and policy development.

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