Annual Report


Our role

Operating at the heart of the Australian Government, the role of PM&C includes providing high-quality policy and implementation advice and support to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, our Portfolio Ministers and the Parliamentary Secretaries, and the Government as a whole. PM&C also seeks to drive principles-based, strategic and coordinated policy solutions to Australia’s national challenges and to support the implementation of the Government’s priorities. We aim to streamline programme delivery in the Indigenous affairs area and focus efforts to improve results for Indigenous Australians, including in relation to school attendance, employment, and community safety.

Our performance

Our key performance indicators (KPIs) and deliverables are used to assess and monitor our performance and provide an important record of the Department’s role in supporting the Government’s policy objectives; how public money was spent and whether planned achievements were on track. We met the majority of our deliverables and KPIs for 2013–14. A total of five deliverables and one KPI were not met.

Our staff

As at 30 June 2014, we had a total of 2,467 employees, including part-time and non-ongoing employees (based on headcount). There were 2,141 employees employed in ongoing functions of the Department and 326 employees who were inoperative or employed in associated functions, most notable the G20 Taskforce.

Some key statistics on our workforce include:

• 66 per cent are women • 89 per cent are full time
• 61 per cent are under the age of 45 • 65 per cent are based in Canberra
• 92 per cent are ongoing • 14 per cent identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
• 7 per cent are culturally and linguistically diverse • 3 per cent have a disability