Annual Report


The Department’s procurement and purchasing in 2013–14 was undertaken in accordance with the principles set out in the Commonwealth Procurement Rules 2012 (CPRs).

The core value underpinning the CPRs is value for money, and the CPRs are applied to the Department’s procurement activities through the Chief Executive’s Instructions (CEIs) and operational guidance. The CEIs and departmental policies have been developed to ensure that the Department undertakes competitive, non-discriminatory procurement processes, uses resources efficiently, effectively, economically and ethically, and makes decisions in an accountable and transparent manner.

The Department supports its employees in managing procurements by providing information and training on procurement policies and procedures, and maintaining a central point of contact for advice on the CPRs, CEIs and tendering processes.

As part of these arrangements, in 2013–14 the Department published the following on the AusTender website

  • details of publicly available business opportunities with a value of $80,000 or more
  • details of all contracts awarded with a value of $10,000 or more
  • a procurement plan providing details or expected procurements for 2013–14.

The Department also publishes on its website details of all contracts with a value of $100,000 or more entered into or active during the previous 12 months in accordance with the Senate Order on Departmental and Agency Contracts. There were no contracts in 2013–14 that were exempt from being reported on AusTender. Further, all major contracts included a requirement for contractors to allow access to their premises by the ANAO.