Annual Report

Appendix B

Grant Programmes

The 2014–15 budget consolidated all Indigenous Affairs programmes within the Department into the new Indigenous Affairs Strategy, which has five new flexible outcomes-based programmes. This incorporates many of the grants programmes administered by PM&C in 2013–14.

In 2013–14, PM&C administered the following programmes:

Community Legal Services - Indigenous Women’s Programme
Family Violence Prevention Legal Services for Indigenous Australians
Indigenous Interpreter services in the Northern Territory
Indigenous Justice Programme
Indigenous Communications Programme - phones
Indigenous Communications Programme - internet
Indigenous Broadcasting Programme
Child Care Services Support elements - NT Crèches and Indigenous Playgroups (from Budget Based Funding) and Indigenous Remote Service Delivery Traineeships for Early Childhood (from Indigenous Support Program)
Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) Scheme
Remote Jobs and Communities Programme (RJCP) - Community Development Fund
Indigenous Ranger Cadetships - Pilot
Remote Service Delivery Traineeships – Schools
Aboriginal Tutorial Assistance Superannuation Scheme
National Partnership Agreement on Indigenous Early Childhood Development (Element 1)
Indigenous Employment Programme including:
Tailored Assistance
Indigenous Wage Subsidy
Indigenous Cadetship Support
Indigenous Youth Careers Pathways
Indigenous Carbon Farming Fund
Indigenous Protected Areas
Working on Country (Indigenous Rangers) - includes funding from BioDiversity Fund and Natural Heritage Trust
Indigenous Heritage Programme
Natural Heritage Trust (funding provided by the Department but managed by the Department of the Environment)
Substance Misuse Service Delivery Grants – Alcohol and Drug (AoD) treatment services and Petrol Sniffing Prevention Strategy
Social and Emotional Wellbeing - Bringing Them Home and Expanding Link-up programmes for the stolen generations
Indigenous Education Targeted Assistance Act (2000) (IETA)
Indigenous Support Programme - Higher Education
Commonwealth Scholarship Programme (under Higher Education Support Act 2003)
Indigenous Sport and Active Recreation Programme
Indigenous Safety Programme
Indigenous Community Links
Breaking the Cycle of Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Indigenous Communities
National Partnership Agreement on Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory including:
Tackling Alcohol Abuse
Community Safety and Justice
Child, Youth, Family and Community Wellbeing Package
Remote Engagement
Health - Food Security
Health - Mobile Outreach Service Plus
Health - Alcohol and other Drug (AoD) workers
Indigenous Capability & Development (ICAD) Administered item including:
Indigenous Communities Strategic Investment
Indigenous Leadership
Indigenous Women’s Grants
Public Awareness
National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples
Reconciliation Australia
Indigenous Housing and Infrastructure - Remote Indigenous Housing
Native Title and Land Rights
Indigenous Remote Service Delivery Special Account
Indigenous Communities Strategic Investment
Aboriginals Benefit Account (Special Account)
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Account
Ranger Agreement (Special Appropriation)
National Partnership Agreement on Remote Service Delivery
National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing
Women’s Leadership and Development Strategy, Office for Women
National Australia Day Council
Australiana Fund

Further information on grants awarded by the Department during the period 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014 is available at