Annual Report

How we are funded

Parliament, via the Appropriation Acts, provides PM&C with two types of funding: departmental and administered.

PM&C uses departmental resources to deliver services (programs). We also administer payments, revenues and other resources on behalf of the Government, which controls how we use them and requires us to account for them separately.

PM&C’s resources are outlined in Figure 4.1 and the allocation of expenses to outcomes and administered items for 2012–13 is detailed in Figure 4.2. A shaded background indicates that information relates to an administered resource, both in the table and in the financial statements that follow.

How we measure our performance

Our overall focus is on providing accurate estimates and achieving balanced financial outcomes. Figure 4.2 ‘Expenses by outcome’ details performance against the 2012–13 estimated actuals published in the 2013–14 Portfolio Budget Statements. Items are shown by outcome and program. For example Program 1.1 refers to Outcome 1, program 1.