Annual Report


Annual report team

a photographof the annual report team

This report was developed by the annual report team with help from staff throughout the Department. The 2012–13 annual report team comprised from left to right: Hannah Keal; Michael Blanchard; Myra Croke, Assistant Secretary, Ministerial Liaison, Communication and Governance; Annette Cronin, Senior Adviser, Governance and Audit; Chris Atkinson, Adviser, Governance and Audit.

Concept, design and typesetting

Stripe Design


The 2012–13 annual report makes use of a range of images, including photographs provided for use in the report by other government agencies.


The PM&C 2012–13 annual report is printed on Impress Satin. Impress is FSC® Mix Certified and is made from elemental chlorine free bleached pulp sourced from FSC® certified well-managed forests. It is manufactured by an ISO 14001 certified mill.