Study Away Review

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Friday, 22 December 2017
Publication author(s):
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.
Publication abstract:

The Study Away Review examines the issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary students who study away from home – in the 2015 calendar year there were more than 5,700 such students.  The level of investment in Indigenous education is at record levels. It is important we use and manage this investment to maximise the benefits for Indigenous students. This report outlines a number of areas where we need greater cooperation between governments, services and schools to support these students. The Review found that:

  • for many students and their families there is little preparation and information
  • ABSTUDY administration is experienced as being overly complex
  • travel support varies from student to student and for many students it is inadequate
  • many families and communities are unsure of how to prepare and support their children in boarding school
  • there are a lack of alternative education options for students not suited to mainstream boarding
  • there are gaps and lack of clarity between governments in funding and policy responsibility particularly in the areas of health, family and community engagement, transition and travel support and staff development (e.g. in cultural awareness and trauma informed practices).

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