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Monday, May 25, 2015
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Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
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This list should not be replicated or republished. The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC), managed by GS1 US for the UN Development Programme, is an open, global, multi-sector standard for efficient, accurate classification of products and services.

Under the Indigenous Procurement Policy, mandatory minimum requirements for Indigenous participation will apply to all new contracts delivered in Australia that are valued at $7.5 million (GST inclusive) or more, where more than half of the value of the contract is being spent in one or more of the nominated sectors.

Relevant UNSPSC are below. Further information about the UNSPSC is at the bottom of this document.

Building and construction maintenance services

Building and Construction and maintenance services UNSPSC codes and titles
Code Title
72100000 Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services
72101500 Building support services
72101700 Concrete work
72101900 Interior finishing
72102100 Pest control
72101903 Finish carpentry or cabinetry
72102200 Electrical services
72102300 Plumbing and heating and air conditioning
72102400 Painting and paper hanging
72102500 Masonry and stonework and tile setting
72102600 Carpentry
72102700 Flooring service
72102800 Refurbishing services
72102900 Grounds maintenance services
72103000 Site preparation services
72130000 General building construction
72131600 Commercial or industrial construction

Transportation and Storage and Mail Services

Transportation and Storage and Mail Services UNSPSC codes and titles
Code Title
78100000 Mail and cargo transport
78101604 Vehicle transport services
78101804 Relocation services
78102200 Postal and small parcel and courier services
78102201 National postal delivery services
78102202 Post office box services
78102203 Mailing or mail pick up or delivery services
78110000 Passenger transport
78111500 Passenger air transportation
78111600 Passenger railway transportation
78111700 Passenger marine transportation
78111800 Passenger road transportation
78111804 Taxicab services
78111807 Parking fees
78111808 Vehicle rental
78111809 Vehicle leasing
78120000 Material packing and handling
78121600 Material handling services
78131602 File archive storage
78131800 Specialized warehousing and storage
78131804 Document storage services
78140000 Transport operations
78141501 Freight forwarders services
78181505 Vehicle inspection Services
78181800 Aircraft maintenance and repair services
78180000 Transportation repair or maintenance services
78181500 Vehicle maintenance and repair services

Education and Training Services

Education and Training Services UNSPSC codes and titles
Code Title
86101803 Vocational rehabilitation services
86141704 Library or documentation services

Industrial Cleaning Services


Industrial Cleaning Services UNSPSC codes and titles

Code Title
76100000 Decontamination services
76101602 Asbestos decontamination or removal
76110000 Cleaning and janitorial services
76111500 General building and office cleaning and maintenance services
76111506 Interior plant landscaping services
76120000 Refuse disposal and treatment
76121500 Refuse collection and disposal
76121900 Hazardous waste disposal
76130000 Toxic and hazardous waste cleanup

Farming and Fishing and Forestry and Wildlife Contracting Services

Farming and fishing and forestry and wildlife contracting services UNSPSC codes and titles
Code Title
70100000 Fisheries and aquaculture
70110000 Horticulture
70111705 Cemetery upkeep services
70120000 Livestock services
70130000 Land and soil preparation and management and protection
70131701 Land use planning
70140000 Crop production and management and protection
70150000 Forestry
70160000 Wildlife and flora
70170000 Water resources development and oversight

Editorial and Design and Graphic and Fine Art Services

Editorial and Design and Graphic and Fine Art Services UNSPSC codes and titles
Code Title
82100000 Advertising
82101504 Newspaper advertising
82101600 Broadcast advertising
82101601 Radio advertising
82101602 Television advertising
82111500 Technical writing
82111603 Court reporting services
82111604 Transcribing services
82111800 Editorial and Support Services
82111804 Written translation services
82111900 News and publicity services
82120000 Reproduction services
82121500 Printing
82121505 Promotional or advertising printing
82121506 Publication printing
82121600 Engraving
82121700 Photocopying
82121800 Publishing
82121900 Bookbinding
82130000 Photographic services
82140000 Graphic design
82141501 Layout or graphics editing services
82150000 Professional artists and performers
82151500 Visual art services

Travel and Food and Lodging and Entertainment Services

Travel and Food and Lodging and Entertainment Services UNSPSC codes and titles
Code Title
90100000 Restaurants and catering
90101600 Banquet and catering services
90101700 Cafeteria services
90110000 Hotels and lodging and meeting facilities
90111500 Hotels and motels and inns
90111600 Meeting facilities
90111601 Conference centres
90111603 Meeting or banquet rooms
90111800 Hotel rooms
90120000 Travel facilitation
90121500 Travel agents
90121702 Interpreters
90130000 Performing arts
90140000 Commercial sports
90141503 Exhibitions
90150000 Entertainment services

Politics and Civil Affairs Services

Politics and Civil Affairs Services UNSPSC codes and titles
Code Title
93100000 Political systems and institutions
93110000 Socio political conditions
93120000 International relations
93121502 Consular services
93130000 Humanitarian aid and relief
93131500 Refugee programs
93131700 Health Programs
93131701 Anti tobacco campaigns
93131703 Research programs
93131705 Drug abuse prevention or control programs
93131800 Disaster preparedness and relief
93140000 Community and social services
93141707 Cultural heritage preservation or promotion services
93141805 Employment services
93141808 Occupational health or safety services
93150000 Public administration and finance services
93151501 Public enterprises management or financial services
93151505 Administrative agencies services
93151510 Administrative fees or tax collection services
93151515 National planning services
93160000 Taxation
93161602 Land tax
93170000 Trade policy and regulation

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