Australian Government Branding - Guidelines on the use of the Australian Government logo by Australian government departments and agencies

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Thursday, 28 May 2020
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Australian Government Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
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The Australian Government decided in June 2003 that common branding would apply to all Australian Government departments and agencies (this covers PGPA Act entities and companies) and this branding policy continues to apply under the current government. 

A common, easily recognisable brand ensures clear and consistent branding across Australian Government departments and agencies. These guidelines have been developed to help departments and agencies ensure the Australian Government logo is consistently applied to products such as official Australian Government documents and publications.

Departments and agencies are required to comply with the branding policy unless an exemption, or permission to use a co-branded logo, has been granted by the minister responsible for the branding policy. This is currently the Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Hon Ben Morton MP. Requests for an exemption or a co-branded logo are considered on a case by case basis.

Agencies that have been granted an exemption from the branding policy may use the Commonwealth Coat of Arms without the words ‘Australian Government’ and with the name of the agency and/or a unique logo.

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