Quad Working Groups

The Quad leverages our four countries’ collective strengths and capabilities to deliver benefits and offer choices to our region.

Quad partners collaborate across six Leader-level Working Groups on Health Security, Climate, Critical and Emerging Technology, Space, Infrastructure and Cyber.

Health Security

The Quad Vaccine Experts Group promotes cooperation between Quad countries and Indo-Pacific partners. As part of this, the Quad Vaccine Partnership has delivered almost 800 million safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine doses globally – including more than 400 million doses for Indo-Pacific countries. In addition, Quad countries have provided USD 5.6 billion to the COVAX Advance Market Commitment for vaccine supply. The Quad has also funded vaccine manufacturing and provided extensive ‘last mile’ delivery support to national vaccination programs.

The Quad’s work on vaccines is now evolving to focus on regional health security and resilience, including pandemic preparedness and response.

At the 2023 Quad Leaders’ Summit, Quad Leaders announced the evolution of the Quad Vaccine Partnership into a Quad Health Security Partnership. Through the partnership, we will strengthen our coordination and collaboration in support of health security in the Indo-Pacific to support health workforce development, disease surveillance and electronic health information systems.


The Quad’s Climate Working Group collaborates on clean energy supply chains, disaster risk reduction, green shipping, and climate information exchanges.

In 2022, Quad Leaders agreed to a Quad Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Package (Q-CHAMP) to accelerate cooperation on climate resilience in the region. Quad countries’ participation in the July 2022 Sydney Energy Forum demonstrated the Quad’s commitment to strengthening clean energy supply chains in the Indo-Pacific. The Climate Working Group continues to progress that commitment and other new climate initiatives through collaboration with Indo-Pacific partners.

At the 2023 Quad Leaders’ Summit, Quad Leaders issued a Statement of Principles on Clean Energy Supply Chains in the Indo-Pacific. Leaders also announced a Clean Energy Supply Chains initiative designed to accelerate the Indo-Pacific’s clean energy transition.

Critical and Emerging Technology (CET)

The Quad’s CET Working Group promotes global technology markets and standards based on openness, diversity, trust and resilience. The CET Working Group cooperates on technical standards; 5G; horizon scanning; and technology supply chains.

In September 2021, Quad Leaders agreed to work together on artificial intelligence; semi-conductor supply chains; and monitoring trends in critical and emerging technologies, including advanced biotechnologies. The Quad is also deepening engagement with industry on Open Radio Access Networks and exploring ways to collaborate on the deployment of open and secure telecommunications technologies in the Indo-Pacific.

At the 2023 Quad Leaders’ Summit, Quad Leaders announced cooperation with Palau to establish a deployment of Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN), the first in the Pacific, to assist in improving digital connectivity, digital infrastructure, and access to advanced telecommunications technology.

Leaders also welcomed the Open RAN Security Report (summary also available) which is expected to promote industry investment in approaches to telecommunications that are demonstrably open, interoperable, trusted and secure.

The Quad has also published Quad Principles on Critical and Emerging Technology Standards, reflecting the Quad’s support for industry-led, consensus-based multi-stakeholder approaches to the development of technology standards.


Space-related technologies contribute to addressing contemporary challenges in the Indo-Pacific, such as climate change, disaster response, and the sustainable use of oceans and marine resources.

The Space Working Group is identifying ways to share satellite data to monitor and adapt to climate change, enhance disaster preparedness, and respond to threats in shared domains. The group shares satellite data expertise and technology, cooperates on capacity building for sustainable development, and consults on norms and guidelines. Achievements to-date include mapping each country’s capabilities and launching an Earth Observation data website.

At the 2023 Quad Leaders’ Summit, Quad Leaders announced the Space Working Group’s collaboration in exploring avenues to deliver Earth Observation data and other space-related applications to assist nations across the Indo-Pacific to strengthen climate early warning systems and better manage the impacts of extreme weather events.

The Quad also announced an intention to share expertise and experience in space situational awareness. The Quad also committed to strengthening commercial space cooperation, including convening a commercial space business forum in 2023.


At the 2022 Quad Leaders’ Summit in Tokyo, Quad Leaders committed to ensuring countries in our region have access to quality, sustainable, climate-resilient infrastructure.

Quad partners share assessments of regional infrastructure needs, and coordinate on technical assistance and capacity-building efforts. Our aim is to ensure infrastructure investments are fit for purpose and do not impose unsustainable debt burdens.

At the 2023 Quad Leaders’ Summit, Quad Leaders announced the Quad Infrastructure Fellowships Program which will empower more than 1,800 of the region’s infrastructure practitioners to design, build and manage quality infrastructure in their home countries.

Quad Leaders also announced a new Quad Partnership for Cable Connectivity and Resilience. The Partnership will strengthen cable systems in the Indo-Pacific, drawing on Quad countries’ world-class expertise in manufacturing, delivering and maintaining cable infrastructure.


The Quad Senior Cyber Group is expanding cyber security cooperation and strengthening cyber resilience and critical infrastructure protection in the Indo-Pacific. The group is focused on preventing and preparing for potential cyber incidents, and responding quickly and effectively should one occur.

In April 2023, the Quad completed the Quad Cyber Challenge. The challenge attracted over 85,000 participants from across the Indo-Pacific and beyond to improve their cyber security, and raised awareness about cyber security threats and how individuals and organisations can protect themselves, their devices and their customers from online threats.

At the 2023 Quad Leaders’ Summit, Quad Leaders announced the Quad Joint Principles for Secure Software and the Quad Joint Principles for Cyber Security of Critical Infrastructure. These principles are designed to strengthen our region’s defences against cyber threats to the software supply chain and critical infrastructure and services.