9. Social, Health and Welfare Analytical Unit (SHWAU)

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The Social, Health and Welfare Analytical Unit leveraged combined data analytics efforts across the education, health and welfare sectors to gain insights to inform more effective, targeted and earlier policy interventions, service and program delivery that impact, often directly, on Australian’s lives. The education, health and welfare portfolios continue to be a key priority area for the Government, and in 2019-20 administered a combined $298 billion of federal government expenditure.

The unit was jointly led by Department of Health, Department of Social Services and the Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

During 2019-20, the unit undertook the following analytical projects:

  • The first five years: What makes a difference? ($371,405)
  • Exits from Income Support ($473,556)
  • Intergenerational welfare dependence ($195,762)
  • Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: Identifying opportunities to prevent the cascading physical health and social impacts of poor mental health ($344,905)
  • Harnessing Academic Expertise for High Impact Commonwealth Government Analytics ($280,000)

The 2018-19 analytical projects were:

  • Better understanding the impact of health and social factors on the transition from education to work
  • Use of government services by older Australians
  • The prevalence and impact of mental health and social factors on income support and student outcomes
  • Measuring the social return on investment from education and training
  • Variation in Opioid Use
  • Prioritisation of People-centred Data Analytics Projects across the Commonwealth

The 2017-18 analytical projects were:

The unit also used DIPA funded MADIP infrastructure to undertake a project to use integrated data to make fairer decisions on non-government school funding. A high-level summary of the project can be found on the Department of Education, Skills and Employment website.