2. Data Assets

Data Assets: Improving data availability

The Data Integration Partnership for Australia (DIPA) built or expanded critical data assets, including Better Health and Aging Data, Data Exchange, National Education Evidence Base, Government Protected Data Exchange (GovPDX) (a whole-of-government Secure Information Sharing Capability) and Digital Transformation in National Security program.

Better Health and Ageing Data

The Department of Health’s Better Health and Aging Data is a secure storage facility for health and aged care data. The data can be accessed for reporting and research purposes, with tools for performing data discovery and validation of acquired data.

The Department of Health delivered the Better Health and Ageing Data project to enhance data capabilities to better target health services for individuals and communities, and contribute to long-term health reforms. It improved the management and access to health and aged care data, and expanded the availability of data and enhanced the ability to host linked datasets.

Enhancing Data Exchange

The Department of Social Services enhanced its Data Exchange (DEX) to provide critical evidence to assess whole-of-government social policy and program effectiveness. DEX commenced on 1 July 2014 and is a data collection, sharing, analysis and reporting service, designed for client-facing government-funded programs.

DEX was extended to deliver whole-of-government location-based client-level outcomes data. DEX enables data‑driven insights for the design and evaluation of new policy development and service delivery models. These targeted polices will deliver better outcomes for Australian citizens to meet current and emerging community needs.

National Education Evidence Base

The National Education Evidence Base (NEEB) is building organisational capability and supporting a robust source of education data for policymakers, educators, individuals and the community. It securely connects data assets from the education sectors to improve accessibility of data and information across the department.

NEEB will enable more effective use of education data from across program areas and sectors, bringing together data to inform the development, and evaluate the effectiveness, of programs, policies and practices.

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment delivered the NEEB.

Government Protected Data Exchange (GovPDX)

GovPDX is enhancing the ability of the APS to collaborate, exchange, analyse and visualise data to support government decision‑makers through improved accuracy, quality and timeliness of information.

The Department of Finance delivered GovPDX.

Digital Transformation in National Security Program

The Digital Transformation in National Security Program complemented the modernising and transformative benefits from DIPA by investigating similar capabilities across the national security community.

The Office of National Intelligence delivered the Digital Transformation in National Security Program.