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Public data is information collected or generated by the Australian Government. It includes data on social security payments, taxation, demographics and spatial (or geographic) information.

Public data is a valuable resource. It has the potential to boost Australia’s economy. It can also stimulate innovation and improve the delivery of services. The use of public data will ensure that our country stays competitive in the global digital economy.

The amount of data that is produced and held by the Government is growing.

The Public Data Branch of PM&C aims to maximise the economic, social and environmental benefits of using public data, while maintaining a strong commitment to the privacy and security of information.

Our work helps to improve the way data is managed, shared and published for the benefit of everyone in Australia.

Our work is about making sure public data can be used to help develop and implement government policies and programs that benefit all Australians. We also work to find ways for public data to support private sector innovation and productivity.

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