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Women’s Leadership and Development Program

The Office for Women administers the Women’s Leadership and Development Program (WLDP), which falls under Outcome 1.1 Office for Women of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Portfolio Budget Statement. The appropriation allocated to the program is at Table A. 

The WLDP funds and delivers a range of projects specifically for Australian Women.

The objectives of the Program are to improve outcomes for Australian women in five key focus areas:

  1. Women’s Economic Security
  2. Women’s Workforce Participation
  3. Women’s Leadership
  4. Women’s Safety
  5. International Engagement

The WLDP is split into two grant streams: Project Grants and Advocacy Grants.

  • The Project Grant Scheme supports grant opportunities for one-off or small-scale projects that achieve tangible improvements in outcomes linked to the Government’s five focus areas. Grant opportunities under this scheme will seek applications that contribute to the achievement of all, one, or a combination of the five key outcomes listed above.
  • The Advocacy Grant Scheme supports a grant opportunity to fund the formation of six civil society networks to ensure that women’s voices are heard in the policymaking process. These networks are known as National Women’s Alliances.


WLDS appropriation across forward years
Appropriation year 2020-21 2021-22 2022-2023
Total appropriation '000s $3,389 $3,421 $3,482

Appropriations are correct at the time of publication but are subject to change at any time as a result of changes to the Budget measures.

How to apply for funding?

Grant opportunities under the WLDP are advertised on GrantConnect. Organisations are encouraged to subscribe to GrantConnect to receive updates and other grant alerts.

WLDP grants reporting announcements

All grants will be published on GrantConnect within twenty-one calendar days of entering into an agreement, in accordance with the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines. 

National Women’s Alliances

The Office for Women funds six National Women’s Alliances through the WLDP, which represent over 180 women’s organisations from across Australia. For further information, see National Women’s Alliances.

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