Net Zero Economy Agency

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Australian Government Net Zero Economy Agency logo over a photo featuring a country town with a cross road in the foreground.

The Net Zero Economy Agency is responsible for promoting orderly and positive economic transformation across Australia as the world decarbonises, to ensure Australia, its regions and workers realise and share the benefits of the net zero economy.

The agency will engage with a variety of stakeholders including communities, regional bodies, industry, investors and First Nations groups to support a positive transition to a net zero economy. The work of the Net Zero Economy Agency is a precursor to the establishment of a legislated Net Zero Authority, following Parliamentary processes. 

It will kick-start the work of the Net Zero Authority by:

  1. helping investors and companies to engage with net zero transformation opportunities
  2. coordinating programs and policies across government to support regions and communities to attract and take advantage of new clean energy industries and set those industries up for success
  3. supporting workers in emissions-intensive sectors to access new employment, skills and support as the net zero transformation continues.

The Hon Greg Combet AM is chair of the Net Zero Economy Agency. As chair, Mr Combet will guide the agency to ensure that the workers, industries and communities that have powered Australia for generations, can seize the opportunities of the net zero transformation. The chair is supported by an advisory board to design and establish the legislated Net Zero Authority.