Calling all Commonwealth Data Experts

Calling all Commonwealth Data Experts

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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

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Applications for the next round of the Platforms for Open Data (PfOD) program opened on 1 March. As part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA), PfOD is an initiative run in collaboration with Data61, Australia’s leading data innovation group.

The PfOD program is designed to give Commonwealth Government agencies an opportunity to work on Research and Development projects to increase the availability of high-value government datasets, both between government agencies and to the public.

For Troy McGregor, past PfOD participant and Agency Project Lead with the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, the program provided the opportunity to explore the value of presenting regulation as open data.

Troy, with DIIS, wanted to take the paperwork out of regulation and compliance as part of Regulation as a Platform (RaaP).

“Kick-starting a project like this would be difficult without a purpose built forum. I think PfOD provides an ideal conduit for government to conceive, test and chart data driven transformation through incremental and practical outcome based projects.”

The PfOD program enables government agencies like DIIS to explore opportunities that make more high-value government data available to more people while preserving privacy. RaaP is an exciting, proof-of-concept project that will transform government regulatory systems into a modern ecosystem of digital regulation tools and services.

“I encourage all agencies to participate, and where possible bring forward joint proposals on common challenges. As a policy expert I found that shaping a proposal benefited enormously from early engagement with Data61 research and engineering staff,” said Troy.

If you are an APS employee with a proposal in mind, you have until 30 March 2018 to submit your proposal by completing the PfOD Project Proposal template and emailing to

The project proposals will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • Project has the potential for significant positive impact for Australia.
  • Project is consistent with NISA and aligned with the Public Data Policy Statement, for example increasing the availability and/or innovative use of high value datasets or services.
  • Project is beyond ‘business as usual’ activities for the submitting Commonwealth entity.
  • Project is developed in consultation with Data61, in terms of project viability and developing scope.
  • Project is consistent with Data61 research and strategic objectives.

If you have any questions at all, please email or go to Data61’s website.