Nomination Panel for ABC and SBS Board Appointments

Nomination Panel for ABC and SBS Board Appointments

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

In accordance with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983, the Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Dr Martin Parkinson PSM, has appointed the following member of the Nomination Panel for appointments to the boards of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS):

Following the resignation of Dr Janet Albrechtsen from the Nomination Panel on 2 April 2016, Ms Anne Fulwood has been appointed as a member of the Panel until 3 May 2019. Ms Anne Fulwood is the Media Director of Ogilvy Public Relations, Australia. She has 20 years’ experience as a national television news anchor for both the Ten and Seven Networks and is the founder of a communications and corporate consultancy firm, Fulworks. Ms Fulwood has been the host of the Telstra Business Awards programs and a columnist in the Australian Financial Review, and for News Limited. She has extensive board experience and is currently on the Board of the Art Gallery of NSW Foundation.

The Nomination Panel was established to:

  • conduct a selection process for non-executive Members and Chairpersons to the ABC and SBS boards, based on the principle of merit and having regard to the selection criteria provided by the Minister for Communications (the Minister); and
  • provide the Minister (and in the case of the Chair of the ABC, the Prime Minister) with a written shortlist of at least three recommended candidates for each vacancy with a comparative assessment of the recommended candidates.

The Panel carries out its functions assisted by a secretariat within the Department of Communications and the Arts and, as required, a recruitment firm. The composition of the Nomination Panel is as follows:

Member Date Appointed Term Expires
Mr Ted Evans AC
5 February 2016 4 February 2019
The Hon Neil Brown QC 30 June 2014 29 June 2017
Dr Sally Pitkin 26 February 2016 25 February 2019
Ms Anne Fulwood 4 May 2016 3 May 2019