VET Review completed and final report delivered to Government

VET Review completed and final report delivered to Government

Domestic Policy Vocational education and training review
Tuesday, 02 April 2019

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabiner

Image of a male and female students working on a car's engine in a garage

The expert review into Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) sector has been completed and the final report delivered to the Government.

The review was led by the Honourable Steven Joyce, a former New Zealand Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment, who handed over Strengthening Skills: Expert Review of Australia’s Vocational Education and Training System in March 2019.

The review set out to conduct a health check of the Australian VET sector to determine how ready it is to step up to the challenge of training more Australians, now and in the future.

The review proposes a new vision for vocational education in Australia as a modern, applied and fast-paced alternative to classroom-based learning. Mr Joyce has recommended a six-point plan for change and a roadmap for achieving it:

  • Strengthening quality assurance.
  • Speeding up qualification development.
  • Simpler funding and skills matching.
  • Better careers information.
  • Clearer secondary school pathways.
  • Greater access for disadvantaged Australians.

The plan, guided by 71 separate recommendations, seeks to deliver a stronger skills sector which is a positive choice for many more Australians, whether they are starting their working lives or need new skills to advance their career.

In response to the review, the Government has committed $525 million to implementing the Delivering Skills for Today and Tomorrow package, which aims to ensure the VET sector delivers the skills critical to the economy now and into the future.