Major General Michael Jeffery reinstated as National Soils Advocate

Major General Michael Jeffery reinstated as National Soils Advocate

Domestic Policy National Soils Advocate
Friday, 04 October 2019

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Effective soil management is crucial to the future of Australia’s agricultural landscape. To help Australian farmers improve sustainability and profitability in their farming systems, the Government has recalled Major General Michael Jeffery to the role of National Soils Advocate.

Major General Jeffrey will raise awareness of the importance of conserving and improving agricultural soil and landscape conditions to benefit the environment, enhance Australia’s agricultural productivity and to secure sustainable food production systems.

Major General Jeffery will engage with farmers and the agricultural sector to increase knowledge and expertise based on significant soil science that can be integrated into the management of their landscapes and soil and vegetation resources.

In addition to working with members of the agricultural sector, Major General Jeffery will liaise with relevant Commonwealth agencies to fulfil the national objective of restoring and maintaining the health of the agricultural landscape.

The National Soil Advocate role will include advocating on a global level. Sharing knowledge and resources internationally is critical to strengthening sustainable productivity and adapting to the effects climate change.

The Government is committed to supporting Major General Jeffery’s recommendation to adopt as a national objective to ‘restore and maintain the health of the Australian agricultural landscape to guarantee a food secure nation and sustainable farming communities.’