BETA Exchange Conference: from nudges big things grow

BETA Exchange Conference: from nudges big things grow

Domestic Policy Behavioural Economics
Friday, 29 June 2018

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Cass Sunstein and Tara Oliver on stage at BX 2018 in Sydney

PM&C’s BETA team went on a two day journey into the world of behavioural insights with policy makers, academics, economists and behavioural insights (BI) enthusiasts at the Behavioural Exchange Conference: BX2018.

PM&C’s Dr Martin Parkinson, Dr David Gruen and BETA Managing Director Tara Oliver were joined by practitioners from around the world to hear the latest in BI.

‘Behavioural insights encourage people-centred design, which means simpler, clearer and faster public services. Evaluation is a crucial part of this. We need to quickly understand whether we are succeeding or not, and why, so we can advise government on whether to persevere or pivot. Let’s look for these opportunities to make big and meaningful impacts to advance the wellbeing of Australians,’ said Dr Parkinson in his opening address.

Attendees discussed the various applications for behavioural insights, and drew from past lessons and future opportunities.

A broad range of topics were covered including neuroscience, diversity, big data and machine learning, health, morality, and violence and crime. The conference concluded with a discussion on new frontiers in behavioural insights.

For a detailed view of the two days including all guest speakers, visit BETA.