PM&C Graduate Program

At PM&C, we believe that the journey is more important than the destination. Our pathways into the department reflect this.

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Applications are now closed for the 2025 Graduate Program.

Applications provides further information on how to apply for the PM&C Graduate Program.

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The PM&C Graduate Program

PM&C's 12-month Graduate Program offers a range of experience supporting the Prime Minister, Cabinet, portfolio ministers and assistant ministers, our Secretary and senior leaders to improve the lives of all Australians through high quality support and advice to the Government.

Based in Canberra, you will gain practical experience and exposure to a wide range of Government activities, policy advice and development, and program delivery. You will contribute to PM&C’s unique role at the centre of government, working in partnership with agencies across the Australian Public Service (APS) and stakeholders across national and international jurisdictions to deliver outcomes and respond to emerging government priorities which improve the wellbeing of all Australians, advance Australia’s interests, and keep our country safe and prosperous.

At PM&C, we strive for excellence in everything we do. We act collaboratively and with integrity, using the APS values to guide how we work - in a manner that is impartial, committed to service, accountable, respectful and ethical. We foster a culture that aims to have the right mix of people, with diverse skills, capability and life experience, to support the government to deliver for the Australian people. We actively promote an inclusive culture valuing everyone’s unique needs. For more information see Inclusion and diversity.

PM&C’s Graduate Program journey is unique and tailored to you. You steer your career direction by choosing 3 or 4 of your own rotations over the 12-month program. Through developing connections with peers and mentors you will experience the full range of diversity the Department has to offer on your journey.

Areas available for rotation include:

  • Domestic policy: creating and coordinating policy solutions to Australia's key economic, social and environmental issues
  • Government: encouraging consistency across government and coordinating public ceremonies and national honours
  • International policy: contributing to decision making related to overseas trade, foreign aid and development, and international security.
  • National security: providing advice on initiatives for border protection, defence, counter-terrorism and crisis management
  • Office for Women: working across government to  advance the Government’s commitment to achieve gender equality and improve the lives of people in Australia
  • Regulation: essential for the proper functioning of society and the economy which includes any laws or other government endorsed 'rules' where there is an expectation of compliance
  • Public data: improving the way public data is managed, shared and published for the benefit of everyone in Australia Governance
  • Corporate: which assists with the internal function of PM&C and includes Ministerial Support, Technology and Business Services, Finance and Shared Services, Human Resources and Governance Performance and Audit
  • Social policy: put the needs and aspirations of Australians at the centre of policy development and service delivery. The focus is on lifting the opportunities, contribution, independence and wellbeing of vulnerable people and communities.

More information about what PM&C does is available in our Corporate Plan. You can also check out our Organisational chart to see how we are structured to shadow all Australian Public Service (APS) agencies.

There's no better place to understand and experience big picture public policy to kick off your APS career.

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What we look for in graduates

We seek graduates that are committed to improving the lives of all Australians. This shows up at work as being curious and driven, open to working on dynamic and emerging challenges, and adapting to emerging Government priorities.

Our graduates are driven and committed to working collaboratively with others to share diverse ideas, problem solve, offer their unique views and insights and follow through with outcomes.

If this sounds like you, we welcome your application. There’s no one specific qualification or skills we are after, PM&C Graduates are diverse, with a variety of backgrounds, skills, and life experience - just like the Australian community.

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Continue to learn

Our program invests in you so you can rapidly grow your skills through immersive experiences in your rotations across PM&C’s core areas and/or priority Government taskforces, exposure to experienced leaders and networking, and continued formal learning. You will be supported to push yourself out of your comfort zone at your preferred pace.

Nervous? Don’t be! You will be very well supported to develop the foundational and specialist skills, knowledge, behaviours and networks that you need to contribute at PM&C and in the APS to launch and progress your career.

Graduates advance through the PM&C Program together as a well-connected peer group. You will be partnered with a buddy and more senior mentor to guide you, as well as working closely with your local supervisor and team in each rotation.

The overall aim is to build your confidence and skills and tap into your fresh and diverse thinking so that we can deliver the best outcomes for all Australians.

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The Graduate Journey

The below timeline demonstrates an example of a Graduate Journey:

A flow chart demonstrating the graduate journey, text version is below the image.
The Graduate Journey text version

    The below timeline demonstrates an example of a Graduate Journey:

  • January:
    • New start: relocation to Canberra and opportunity to meet your graduate cohort.
  • February:
    • Welcome: introduction and welcome to PM&C.
  • March-February:
    • Experience: undertake rotations and opportunities within PM&C to bolster your skills.
  • August:
    • Promotion: promotion to APS 4 where eligibility criteria is met.
  • February:
    • Promotion and end of program: promotion to APS 5 where eligibility criteria is met and the start of your next chapter with a range of new skills and experience.

For more information see Graduate life.

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Salary, benefits and relocation

PM&C Graduates are offered permanent ongoing role in the APS with attractive salary and benefits, including access to flexible work, leave and generous superannuation.

PM&C employees are covered under the PM&C Enterprise Agreement 2024-27. Under the new PM&C Enterprise Agreement 2024-27, Graduates commencing in February 2025 will have a starting salary at the maximum of the APS 3 classification level which will be $74,264. On 13 March 2025, a month after commencement, this increases by 3.8% to $77,086.

The PM&C Graduate program includes opportunities for rapid promotion (where requirements are met) to the APS 4 classification level after 6 months and APS 5 classification level after 12 months. Some Graduates are successful at winning promotion to the APS 6 level soon after completion of the program.

APS 3, Feb 2025, $74,264. APS 4, Aug 2025, $80,505. APS 5, Feb 2026, $88,887.

Relocating and starting a new job can be exciting, as well as daunting and challenging. We will pay relocation assistance for reasonable costs, and, where required, provide transition accommodation in Canberra to ensure a seamless introduction to life in a new city. This may include relocation assistance for dependents such as partners and children and, in some cases, your pets!

For more information see What we offer.

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