Australian Sports Medal

The Australian Sports Medal (2020) recognises individuals who have participated as official members of an Australian national team at declared international multi-sport events, commencing with the Invictus Games held in Sydney in 2018.

The declared multi-sport events are:

  • the Invictus Games, from 2018:
  • the International Sports Federation for Persons with Intellectual Disability (INAS) Global Games, from 2019;
  • the Special Olympics World Summer Games, from 2019;
  • the Special Olympics World Winter Games, from 2021;
  • the Olympic Games (Summer), from 2020;
  • the Olympic Games (Winter), from 2022;
  • the Paralympic Games (Summer) from 2020;
  • the Paralympic Games (Winter) from 2022; and
  • the Commonwealth Games, from 2022.

The Australian Sports Medal may only be awarded once. This includes recipients of the Australian Sports Medal in 2000, who are not eligible for a second medal.

How it is awarded

The Australian Sports Medal is awarded by the Governor-General. Nominations are made by the Chef de Mission (nominating person) of the organising body. The Chef de Mission of each organising body also administers the medal for that team.

The Australian Sports Medal does not carry a post-nominal entitlement.

More information

Australian Sports Medal Guidelines - PDF 958 KB

Further information is available on the Governor-General’s website.


The Prime Minister announced the creation of the Australian Sports Medal (2000) on 31 December 1998.

The Australian Sports Medal was formally established on 23 December 1999 by Letters Patent. It was a commemorative medal awarded in the year 2000, the year Sydney hosted the 2000 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

The medal was awarded to a range of Australians who had contributed to sporting excellence in Australia, including those who provided service and support for grass roots sport. Most of the medals were presented following nominations by the sports community. Peak sports bodies recognised or funded by the Australian Sports Commission were given quotas according to a formula based on the number of their registered competitors. All Australian parliamentarians were able to make nominations. Around 18,000 medals were issued.

On 4 December 2020, Her Majesty The Queen agreed to amend the regulations for the Australian Sports Medal (2020) to recognise the significant achievement of Australian’s participating in declared international multi-sport events, commencing with the Invictus Games held in Sydney in 2018.

Medal design

The Australian Sports Medal design symbolises Australian sport, featuring the stars of the Southern Cross and lines depicting the athletics track at the Australian Sports Stadium, Sydney.

The medal is circular and made of nickel-silver with a highly polished finish. The words ‘AUSTRALIAN SPORTS MEDAL’ appear in an arch shape, inside the raised rim of the medal.

Medal ribbon

The Australian Sports Medal is suspended from a 32 millimetre ribbon by a connector piece and ring. The ribbon’s colours are Australia’s national colours green and gold.

Award category

Commemorative Medals