Robert McDermott

Submission number: 
Date of submission: 
24th December 2017

Dear Panel and Secretariat,
It is my sincere hope and request that your findings and provisions in this review go well beyond the very meagre and inadequate provisions of the Dean Smith bill. Full and comprehensive legislative provisions are needed for religious freedoms, freedom of speech and parental rights so that all members of society are adequately protected from punitive actions for holding and expressing views which until the present time, or very recently, were considered fully acceptable and indeed the norm in may cases.
Notable examples would be:
1. Holding to and having the freedom to express a Biblical word view of marriage as a God ordained institution between a man and a woman. Implicit in that view is that whilst the state may have its own legal right to re-define marriage according to its own laws, the state has been in direct violation of the clear and immutable precepts God has laid down for marriage.
2. Having the right to hold express views on homosexuality or any number of other issues addressed in the Bible without being accused of hate speech or bigotry.
3. Having the right not to have your children exposed and subjected to degrading, explicit sexual material under the guise of education and tolerance.