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16th December 2017

The laws and safeguards we have in Australia at the moment are all that is necessary to uphold freedom of speech, choice of lifestyle, religious beliefs etc.
To change these or to add amendments for people to descriminate against each other based on a popular religious belief (s) in this country is absurd - and a step away from freedom, taking us to a much darker and controlling form of government and country. It takes us away from the representation of Australia as a place where everyone is entitled to fair opportunity, and it undermines the recent yes vote for marriage equality becoming law in this country. To say that anyone can marry now, and then stated that as a result of that decision we must now introduce ways to continue to discriminate against the LGBTQI community in ANY way as a result is disgraceful, and it does not represent the majority of Australia 62% that voted yes and now have no say in this proposed method of apparently safeguarding those who choose to believe in a religion and use that to hide behind to foster hate, bigotry and superiority in this mainly contemporary fair minded country. This commission should not go ahead, and if it does, no recommendations that are in any way discriminatory can be allowed to be put in place. The fact a commission is going ahead furthers the hate that way initially stirred up be having the disgraceful divisive plebiscite in the first place. Stop this now.