Danni Staniforth-Smith

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Date of submission: 
15th February 2018

Hello my name is Danni, and I am a single mother. I strongly believe in giving my child the best start in life with regards to solid Christian Values. I wish for my child to grow up as a tolerant, kind, helpful and above all honest human being. One who values life and is able to be respectful of others feelings and way of living. I do not wish for my child to grow up in a world that places one very vocal minority groups wishes ahead of the general everyday population. We all need to live in peace with our brother and as such children do not need, neither is it healthy for them to subject to confusing ideals on gender and having to be too wrapped up in "How I feel Right Now". How you feel right now may not be an advantage to others if it involves causing others pain, be it physical or mental. I ask you to please very carefully consider the effect of not allowing any religious freedoms for the people who rely on their religious beliefs for their general well- being, for the families who live a Christian lifestyle and bring their children up with a firm belief in God. I find it extremely unfair that one small portion of the population wants to dictate their way of life to the rest of us, just to make them feel better about living the life they have chosen. Thank you for your time.