Daniel Stevens

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16th December 2017

In general practice I believe religious groups, particularly Christian ones, have too much privilege in this country.

In the US they are arguing in the supreme court as to whether baking a cake for a client is speech, thus allowing the vendor to refuse to sell a cake for a gay wedding. If such a cake is speech I would hope it is considered the speech of the person who commissioned it and not the artisan that baked it, in much the same that purchasing a greeting card is considered the speech of the person giving the card and not the author of the card. It is a sign of the lengths that religious folks would go to that they would have the highest court argue such a matter with such an attempt at misdirection.

Here in Australia churches are given a pass on anti discrimination, not just on their choice of employees fulfilling a religious role, but employees fulfilling secular purposes such as school teachers and secretaries. This is unfathomable support of an abuse of employee rights.