Daniel Minchin

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Date of submission: 
15th February 2018

To whom it may concern,
I am concerned about the potential diminishing of religious freedom in Australia. I believe under no circumstances should laws be changed to cater to a minority, eg. Forcing people to act against their moral beliefs to cater for a same-sex marriage ceremony. The only exception I believe is where these religious beliefs are contrary to existing Australian law (eg. If the religion commands human sacrifice). As a further example, as a Christian, I do not believe the law should be forced upon others to cater for my beliefs - eg. Imposing limits on alcohol sales to ensure no one drinks to excess. To me, a moral issue, to others, a non issue.

Further, I believe it is important that the current freedoms and rules governing the operation of Christian schools should not be changed in a way to restrict them from teaching Christian values, or forcing them to accept students that they do not currently permit to attend (on the basis of faith etc). The schools belonging to the federation of churches that I am a part of (Free Reformed Churches of Australia) have excellent academic standards and always achieve well in school rankings. Almost all students that graduate are well-rounded, upstanding members of society, certainly a higher percentage than many other schools. I believe this is a direct reflection of the way the schools are run. I also believe the students are taught to be compassionate, and are not elitist or think themselves better than those who are not permitted to enrol in the schools.
Please do not allow the loud voices of a few dictate the lawmaking, but allow for reasonable discussion and meaningful debate.