Bill Graham

Submission number: 
Date of submission: 
15th February 2018

To whom it may concern:
I have reservations about this Same Sex marriage legislation in that there appears to be
The first is the method of voting, in my opinion it should have been a Compulsory
Vote just like our normal voting system.
The government seems to be afraid of losing votes if the No vote won and the back lash
from the YES voters could affect their position.
The loss of the various FREEDOMS here are a few I am aware of.
1. The right of a Marriage Celebrant being unable to refuse to marry them regardless of their (the celebrant)
2. The parents and schools unable to teach in accordance with their beliefs.
3.Inability to speak freely in public about your belief in this matter.
I am sure there will be many more FREEDOMS lost because of this happening.
Finally I am disgusted that both the House of REPS. and the SENATE both defeated
the amendments to the Legislation and my voting will be affected by all of this.
I hope I am not too late with my submission.
With Regards and Hopes.
Bill Graham