Barbara Meldrum

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Date of submission: 
15th February 2018

I am a Christian and I believe that having the freedom for my belief are both important and necessary for our life and culture and we should have the freedom to worship. it is considered to be a fundamental right to be able to be open about being a Christian without the vilification and being targeted by others and being refused our rights to have a belief in God that others assume we should no longer have. It is a personal choice that we are entitled to have in our culture and has been and is still a major part of who we are and how we all behave.

There is limited formal protection of freedom of religion in Australia and this protection is absolutely necessary to maintain a full and free life in our country.

There are many aspects that are affected by not providing a fair and reasonable approach where all individuals have the right of respect and tolerance. Some of these are; parents rights to educate and rear their children; being allowed to hold their own views on different aspects of sexuality and it's impact on society; not being made to fit in with others agendas to accept employment or an employer being forced to employ someone who does not suit the working environment or criteria to be part of that organisation; likewise a person/company should not be forced by law to do something that they feel are not appropriate to their beliefs; Charities and other religious organisations should be able to conduct their business in a way that reflects their beliefs without fear of retaliation by people who wish to create trouble; the rights of individuals to be able to refuse to participate in any activity or endeavour that they feel is not appropriate to their beliefs and would cause distress without condemnation or being punished for their belief.
Thank you again for your consideration.