Annette Kruk

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Date of submission: 
21st December 2017

I have concerns with the chosen panel. ie Phillip Ruddock does not seem to have a neutral position between secular and religious rights with his statement that religions take over entirely the role of marriage ceremonies with celebrants to only conduct civil unions, and Father Frank Brennan as a Jesuit priest would be obviously biased to increase special privileges for religious groups. he has previously stated that he will ignore any changes to the law requiring a priest to alert authorities to child abuse allegations made during confession. It is utterly unacceptable that a man who has vowed to break the law to conform to his religious doctrines should be considered for any form of government position, let alone a panel to review religious freedom. A member with secular views would even things and be fairer to a reasoned and balanced finding. I am very passionate about this matter and I use my valued vote for the candidate that will promote secular values. Once again I urge you to appoint a committed secularist to the panel to ensure balance and fairness. Yours sincerely in anticipation Annette Kruk