Andre Leroux

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Date of submission: 
15th February 2018

The dangers of moving to a forced religion society because of popular perceptions such as North Korea is serious. There may be a movement to permit religious control based on majority vote or support at the expense of the knowledge of the true God that brought prosperity to Australia in the past, but what will be the consequences? Refusing protection for our Judeo Christian heritage while enforcing laws against the conscience of individuals and minority groups is a serious matter.

Please read this online book in the immediate link below or get a hard copy as it gives examples of hero's who stood up for their conscience to promote freedom and liberty that has stood the test of time. The courage of these men are ever before us, as well as the most accurate consequences of the path Australia is diverging to with laws for same sex marriage only while not appropriately applying laws regarding all other protection for liberty of conscience.

People might think they will be free to marry under a church or let any type of marriage be consolidated legally and in churches, but read the 18th chapter of Revelation and look at History. It is evident that God will remove His presence and Spirit from those societies that war against true peace, and then there is but one option and that is the destruction of marriage in society for all. Does Revelation 18 not speak of a time when force permitted to bear sway will with violence remove the marriage act that is considered a normal and free personal choice for Catholics and Protestants that claim the Judeo Christian heritage and then go make laws against the beneficial laws of freedom to worship the only true God of all creation?

23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

Not protecting the Judeo Christian heritage and freedom of religious liberty will place Australia in the precarious position of forcing upon all the removal of marriage for progeny and individual conscience in a manner that sin, blood and violence is forced upon the land. Will not freedom and liberty enjoyed so long be completely removed in the end, under the proclamation of making a "new freedom" for all?
It might not look like that now as perused in many lands where ethnic and religion cleansing seemed advantageous, but the final movements and results are unpredictable. Just look at Syria, and consider the results of countries with genocide where no earthly balm can heal the wounded hearts of societies.

Has not the God of the Bible been a merciful God who brings the greatest ethnic and religious diversity to worship to peace and prosperity by promoting free worship and choice to follow this religion? What are the results of refusing the mercy and goodness of God, by enforcing acts against freedom and liberty of conscience? Why then should same sex marriage be used to enforce that upon all until marriage is desecrated with high risk of infectious diseases, while society enforces removal of the marriage institution in places of worship?

People with problems, whether smoking, drinking gambling or identity need help and protection to realize their need not encouragement in the continuing of the problem that increased their mortality risk. Transgender people are 49 times more at risk of living with HIV compared to the general population.

My understanding is that God will remove His hand of protection where laws are enforced upon people against their conscience. With ministers forced to marry same sex couples in their churches by law as happened in South Africa drought in areas that never before experienced such devastating effects have been witnessed, but humans are the responsible elements in their governing rather than God who supplies the needs of all.

In Syria the river Euphrates ran dry as predicted in Revelation 16 and it again appears to have more to do with people as God removes reason and wisdom that he supplied in the past. People that have a vested interest to destabilize the region and to start wars, the results of which they will not be able to but weep over as they see the tide turn upon them and their children?

Is this to be globally seeing that the world has trends in same sex marriage, interests in wars and hope for reward by removing freedom? As Gods laws are disregarded more interest must focus on military armament for protection, which in many countries have reverted to weapons of destruction against themselves through infiltration and interception.

I call upon and encourage each not to be deceived by the force of power and need for security in human weapons merely, but to have Faith in the warning against inevitable results of not trusting to God as provided in the Bible.

In relying on weapons North Korea has moved extremely fast with nuclear plans in a short period of space, but will it bring healing and true rewards of peace to that country? What will the end results be of trusting in weapons of power rather than the God of the Bible?

History proves that true peace and prosperity comes from our Judeo Christian heritage and protecting laws for freedom and liberty of conscience. Are governments to test God like North Korea is testing in the world because of a reliance on human wisdom and power?

I pray for our government MP's, and community leaders to find solutions that will bring true education rather than war against wisdom that creates peace and prosperity. Let us not take for granted the goodness that has under freedom to practice Biblical promoted laws been our heritage for peace and prosperity. When I came to Australia and was tested for citizenship it was with the knowledge and promoted learning about the benefits of our Judeo Christian heritage, how is it possible that society has so been thwarted from standing firmly for principles that prevent declension and deterioration of its very fabric and protective covering? Today we need men that can stand for their conscience though the masses be swayed to pay the price by removing the garments of wisdom.