Amanda Allen

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Date of submission: 
3rd January 2018

All religions should be subject to the laws of Australia. This means practices such as female genital mutilation, “sanctity” of the confessional are not acceptable here. These Laws are to protect the vulnerable from abuse. Specifically, there is no excuse good enough to limit reporting of crimes against minors (indeed anyone) who cannot be expected to protect or speak up for themselves.

1. All citizens and residents of Australia should have freedom to practice, or not, religion.

2. No one should be able to impose their religious beliefs and practices on anyone else.

3. All religious practices should be subject to the laws of Australia.

4. The Rule of Law should prevail over any personal or collective want or desire to effect society, its values and actions, in a way that suits their preference to the exclusion or disadvantage of others.

5. Religious bodies should be able to perform weddings and other duties by choice, as should Celebrants. They are in effect a business like any other who choose their customers as they deem appropriate within their charter.

6. Religious bodies should no longer receive tax free status. They are should be expected to cover their costs from within and pay their taxes just like any other body of people in Australia.