Ally Kinsman

Submission number: 
Date of submission: 
15th February 2018

Religious freedoms need to be protected.
At this stage there are no clear guidelines by which those with religious views can be comfortable that their beliefs will continue to be protected.
As a Catholic with a firm belief in my faith, I am greatly concerned at the lack of consideration towards religious beliefs and values when the marriage equality laws were passed. It was something very rushed and pushed through to keep the 'yes' voters content.
I feel the lack of religious protections will in future determine what personal views I am able to hold and how I can express them. This is not equality when a group of people with certain beliefs, values and views are subject to ridicule and possible legal action for holding particular opinions.

The introduction of education relating to same sex relationships etc is not something that schools should be imposing on young, impressionable children. Parents deserve to have the right to remove their children from this environment if it does not reflect the family's' values. If this is to have a permanent place with in a schools curriculum, the parents should have the ability to prevent their child being given that information, especially beginning at such a young age where no sexual information should be given in the first case. A child's innocence is such a precious thing that society should not be in a hurry to take this away.

The laws have been changed and whilst I don't personally agree with these changes, I feel it is now up to this review panel to ensure that the law doesn't go from discrimination for one sect of Australians to another. Equality can't be at the expensive of someone else.
This review panel has the ability to control whether this happens or not. The way Australia progresses hinges on any amendments that can be made to this law. It affects more then just who can get married and we are already beginning to see these effects filter out through the wider society. Religious freedoms and protections need to be implemented now before it becomes too late and the negative effects can not be reversed.
The responsibility this review panel has is massive and I pray that the right thing is done in these circumstances.
Thanks and God bless