Submission Group 9

I am very concerned about the recent submission matters of religious freedoms & rights in Australia.

I do not consent or support any changes that takes away personal religious beliefs regarding marriage & in particular vaccinations.

I do not support the use of aborted foetuses cells injected into our babies or children. Or the use of any animal by product or cells.

I don't agree to the No Jab No School or No Jab No Play policies which take away the CCR and FTB if parents choose not to vaccinate. These choices and conscious objection are parental rights to make, regarding what is best for the family and child's health.

It is absolutely necessary that Australia upholds religious freedom for it's people to make choices, particularly in the areas of medical procedures and the way their children are raised.

Forced vaccinations and No Jab No Pay/Play laws violate my personal religious convictions. Vaccines contain human diploid cells (vaccines are cultivated on the cells of aborted foetal tissue) I cannot and will not support abortions in any way, shape or form. My God is my healer and my Saviour, in Him do I put my trust. Not in science and vaccinations (which are ever changing and never constant).

Homosexual marriage and homosexuality is against my religious convictions. I wish for my ministers, schools and religious establishments to maintain their right to exclude/deny and teach on the basis of religious freedom.

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