Submission Group 12

  • Freedom for individuals to speak publicly about man-woman marriage without governments and agencies taking punitive action;
  • Freedom of parents and faith-based schools to raise and educate children in accordance with their moral and religious convictions;
  • Freedom of wedding service providers to withhold services as a matter of conscience;
  • Freedom of religious charities to hold their view of marriage without fear of losing government funding or charitable status, and
  • Freedom of faith-based schools and other institutions to hire staff in accordance with their ethos.
*The following people presented submissions which were substantially similar to, or variations of, this submission
Anneliese Sullivan Derek Grul Karan Hibbs Gary Clarke
Jan Vander Reyden Esma Marstaeller Rebecca Cowie Jan Plumb
Annita Clayton Susan Mallanyk Valerie Wood Grace Turner
Piety Morley Soheir Graice Jenni Grul Bryan Fouche
Susan Thomas Keith Pech Rebecca Neal Peter Magarey
C. J. Bosch Alex Pillar Darryl L. Siggers Dael Hedgcock
Harold Hopper Jean Quinlan Angela Kuo Elizabeth Oaten
Gerard Drew Arlene Gimondo Rosemaree Knight Ben Chapman
Deborah Hopper Lindsay George McDowell Michael Forbes Rebecca Fletcher
Jessica Louise Hill Barry May Marilyn Murphy Amanda Fitzsimmons
Timothy John Hill Denise Carvosso Lisa Lowe Caroline Marchesi
Sarah Mellado Kylie Conomos Lyndall Murrey Dieter Matthaeus
Richard Wheat Kaye Regel Robin Macdonald Dianne Moesker
Michael Robertson Alex Dekker Joshua Mcallister Judy Spetch
Deborah June Hill