Submission Group 1

The recent changes to the Marriage Act move directly against the Christian view of marriage, which is expressly between a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others.

I have deep concerns about the current lack of protected freedom to express my Christian understanding of marriage publicly.

Under human rights charters, religious freedoms not only include freedom of worship, but freedom to express these beliefs publicly.

I am concerned that Christian hospitals, aged care, education institutions and care organisations may be inhibited by anti-discrimination laws.

People should be free to publicly express their views about marriage without fear of legal repercussions, or fear of losing their jobs on the basis of expressing a view of marriage that differs from the law.

Religious organizations, including schools, must be free to employ only those people who uphold their beliefs, including their teaching on marriage.

I am concerned that other rights, such as freedom from discrimination, are considered more important than freedom of speech, conscience and religion.

I am concerned that if I publicly express my opposition to same-sex marriage, my opposition to transgender ideology or forms of sexual activity that I consider immoral, I could face action under discrimination, equal opportunity or vilification laws.

People can already be caught up in distressing, expensive or time consuming legal processes like Catholic Archbishop Julian Porteous, simply for expressing Christian teaching to other Christians.

Christian preachers should be free to publish religious material and online sermons without fear of being forced before a tribunal or commission on the basis of discrimination.

I am concerned that the law does not provide enough protection for people of faith to express religious views in the public square, places of employment, or educational institutions.

I would also like to see a 'no detriment' clause in anti-discrimination legislation, at state and federal level, and related laws to protect dissent on grounds of religious belief or conscience.

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