Religious Freedom Review - submissions

The Panel agreed that submissions will be published online, provided the author of the submission consented to its publication and provided there was no other reason not to publish the submission (for example, if publication could raise legal issues).

In addition, the Department reserved the right not to publish submissions which were irrelevant or did not meaningfully respond to the Terms of Reference, as well as anonymous submissions. The Department did, however, publish some submissions anonymously where the author identified themselves in their submission but requested their submission be published without their name.


The views or opinions expressed in submissions are those of the author. The members of the Expert Panel, the Commonwealth or any Commonwealth official are not adopting or endorsing any comments expressed. The Department is publishing the submissions to inform public debate and scrutiny of the conduct of the Review.

The Commonwealth does not warrant the truth or accuracy of the content of any submission and no person should rely on the content of any submission without undertaking their own independent inquiries.

If a person has any concerns, they should email use the webform on the Contact us page of the website. The Department will investigate and, if appropriate, remove the content.


To ensure that the privacy of third parties is protected, and that the Commonwealth complies with its own legal obligations, some submissions have been published with certain details removed (for example, details of third parties, addresses, and phone numbers). There may be formatting changes or redactions as a result.

Further details about the Department's handling of personal information is contained in the Department's Privacy Policy.

Substantially similar submissions


Date of submission Submission number Organisation or individualsort descending File attachments
8th February 2018 15302 A & G Witham
14th February 2018 14916 A. Anthony McLellan
13th February 2018 8803 A. C. Maring
12th January 2018 630 A. Jones
5th February 2018 14997 A. Pembroke
5th February 2018 14761 A. S.
14th February 2018 12109 A. Taranto
13th February 2018 7975 A. van de Loo
9th February 2018 15648 A.J. Macken and Co. Australian Lawyers
14th February 2018 12834 Aaron McHugh
7th February 2018 4397 Aaron Taylor
14th February 2018 13164 Aaron Wray
14th February 2018 11536 Abanob Saad
14th February 2018 12769 Aberline Attwood
1st February 2018 3358 Abigail Corbett
14th February 2018 16158 Abigail Valenzuela
14th February 2018 10813 ACON
14th February 2018 14928 ACT Government
14th February 2018 11875 ACT Human Rights Commission
10th February 2018 5187 ACT Humanist Society
14th February 2018 11631 ACT LGBTIQ Ministerial Advisory Council
13th February 2018 8373 Adam Bant
12th February 2018 6758 Adam Hall
16th January 2018 945 Adam Hensley
22nd December 2017 13854 Adam Johnston
13th February 2018 8584 Adam Koutsoukos
12th February 2018 6049 Adam Miljes
26th January 2018 2289 Adam Ochudzawa
14th February 2018 12496 Adam Payne
14th February 2018 12867 Adam Sheehy
15th February 2018 13691 Adam Walker
13th February 2018 8961 Adele Pietersen
14th February 2018 10094 Adele-Maria Hempstead
14th February 2018 11483 Adeline Yapp
16th January 2018 1030 Adetunji Adejumo
13th February 2018 9940 ADF International
13th February 2018 7069 Adnan Esen
11th February 2018 5542 Adri Van Der Mescht
12th February 2018 16982 Adrian and Kathy Gargett
2nd February 2018 3462 Adrian Bosker
12th February 2018 5793 Adrian Catt
5th January 2018 128 Adrian Dunstan
10th February 2018 5327 Adrian Engelbrecht
13th February 2018 8855 Adrian Gallagher
14th February 2018 11927 Adrian Ganim
15th February 2018 16094 Adrian Harris
14th February 2018 12323 Adrian Maxwell
14th February 2018 11488 Adrian Schmidt
12th February 2018 6349 Adrian Watter
15th February 2018 16074 Adrian Woodcraft


Note: submissions dated 15 February 2018 are those which the Panel accepted after the closing date.