Infrastructure and Project Financing Agency

The Infrastructure and Project Financing Agency (IPFA) is being established as a small executive agency within the Prime Minister’s portfolio. It will assist ministers and agencies to develop and assess financing options and to broker financing arrangements for transformative infrastructure projects. By engaging early on project development and exploring all innovative funding and financing options available, the IPFA will improve project outcomes for end users and maximise the value for money for Australian tax payers.

The IPFA will not have an investment mandate or source of funding for infrastructure projects, with the Government retaining full responsibility for deciding which infrastructure projects will ultimately receive Commonwealth funding or financing. It will be a centre of excellence for the Government and draw in private sector expertise to realise the full potential of innovative financing opportunities. It will advise Government on financing options for all projects seeking Commonwealth funding and on innovative financing opportunities for transformative economic infrastructure.

The IPFA will be located in Sydney and Canberra to help it develop strong links into both the private sector and the public service and to attract private sector staff. The CEO will report to the Prime Minister through the Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation, and be co-opted to the National Infrastructure Committee of Cabinet as necessary to provide advice on behalf of the Agency.

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