Accountability and Reporting

As a public service agency, our decisions must be transparent, our policies justifiable and our practices beyond reproach. We strive to achieve well-coordinated, efficient and accountable public administration.

The information and documents below demonstrate how we achieve this and how you can request further information from us.

Corporate publications

View our Annual Reports, Portfolio Budget Statements, Corporate Plans and Gender Equality Action Plan.

Departmental reporting

Departmental indexed file lists

Departmental and agency appointments and grants

Environmental management

Executive remuneration

Fraud control and fraud reporting

Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to PM&C

PM&C privacy practices
Read our privacy policy, Twitter policies and guidelines, and other advice relating to copyright and our website information.

Reports on legal services expenditure

Secretaries' remuneration

Senate Order on Entity contracts

Tabling Lists for the Senate Order Listing on Departmental and Agency Appointments and Grants

Related Information

Review of the Public Interest Disclosure Act.