Reporting on Regulatory Performance

The Australian Government reports regularly on implementation of regulatory reforms and administration of regulatory impact analysis.

Reporting on Regulatory Reform: Strengthening the Agenda

In February 2016, the Government announced that repeal days will be replaced with annual reports that assess regulatory performance and set a course of reform for the year ahead.

Regulatory Reform Agenda: cutting red tape

Since 2013, the Government has reported annually on implementation of its commitment to reduce red tape.

Australian Government Annual Red Tape Reduction Report 2015  

As referred to in Appendix B of the Annual Red Tape Reduction report, portfolio summaries for 2015 are available from the Regulatory Policy Coordination page of this website.

The Australian Government Annual Deregulation report 2014

Repeal Days

In 2015, the Government introduced legislation to repeal an additional 1,796 Acts of Parliament.

2015 Spring Repeal Day

2015 Autumn Repeal Day

In 2014, the Government introduced legislation to repeal over 10,000 legislative instruments and 1,800 Acts of Parliament.

2014 Spring Repeal Day

2014 Autumn Repeal Day

Annual Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) compliance reports

RIA Compliance reporting

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