PM&C Gifts and Benefits Register

In accordance with the Australian Public Service Commission  all  PM&C Officials must not accept gifts or benefits which might reasonably be seen to Compromise their integrity.

All gifts and benefits accepted (and valued at over $AUD 100 (excluding GST), must be publicly disclosed.

PM&C Gifts Policy states ‘gifts or benefits greater than $100 must be registered on the PM&C Gifts and Benefits Register’.

The data collected through PM&C’s internal gift or benefit register is reported publicly, through this page, quarterly.

PM&C Gifts, Benefits or Services Register (October 2019 to January 2020)

Date received Date recorded Gift item /Benefit /Service Rceived by (agency contact if not received directly by agency head) Presented by (givers /contact name ) Organisation Name, Country Occasion/ Circumstances Estimated value in $AUD
21/10/2019 23/10/2019 Master Class,in transforming organisational culture, delivered by Michael Rennie, McKinsey. William Story Roland Dillon McKinsey, Australia Roland Dillon of McKinsey had previously provided business advisory services for the APS review. $2,400.00
04/12/2019 09/12/2019 Wooden gift box containing dates Simon Duggan Saudi G20 Sherpa Office Saudi G20 Sherpa Office, Saudi Arabia G20 meeting in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, all participants gifted the same gift. Cultural norm to accept the gift $155.33