What does open government mean to you?

What does open government mean to you?

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Friday, 15 November 2019

Open Government Partnership Australia

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Open Government Partnership (OGP) is all about governments and civil society groups committing to work together to make sure governments are transparent, responsive, and accountable to the public.

If you have thoughts and ideas on how governments can encourage citizen participation, ensure accountability and transparency then we invite you to complete our short 5-minute questionnaire.

Your input will help us gain a better understanding of community attitudes to open government and the ideas and areas that we should focus on as we develop the next OGP National Action Plan 2020-22.

The international Open Government Partnership initiative launched in 2011 and, since then, 79 countries have signed up. Australia joined the OGP in 2015 and has since delivered two National Action Plans comprising of 23 commitments. 

Australia’s first National Action Plan included pledges to digitally transform the delivery of government services, improve the discoverability and accessibility of government data and improve understanding of the community’s use of freedom of information laws.

Commitments from the second National Action Plan are on track to enhance the transparency of political donations and funding and improve public engagement skills in the public service.

More information is available on the Open Government Partnership Australia website.