Empowering the public service to ‘share data safely’

Empowering the public service to ‘share data safely’

Public Data National Data Commissioner
Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Blue background with words ‘Sharing Data Safely’

The Office of the National Data Commissioner has released a Best Practice Guide to Applying Data Sharing Principles.

The 'Sharing Data Safely' package provides guidance to government agencies on when and how to safely and effectively share the data they are responsible for.

The guidelines outline Data Sharing Principles and provide a common operating model within the public service to help with consistent and shared practices for data management.

The 5 Data Sharing Principles are:

  • Project - the purpose for sharing data.
  • Data - the level of detail in the data.
  • Settings - the environment in which the data will be used.
  • People - who is accessing the data.
  • Outputs - what results can be made public.

The Sharing Data Safely package includes a brochure and video that explains how the government uses and manages public sector data.

Further information on the Data Sharing Principles and the Sharing Data Safely package is available on the National Data Commissioners website.